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200000 Litres Galvanised Steel Water Tank with Liner and Cover

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Our range of corrugated, galvanised steel tanks have been specifically designed to hold large quantities of water at industrial and agricultural sites. The steel used in the tanks construction is approved to BS2989:1982 regulations and is galvanised with lead free zinc to 275g/m² to EN10142 regulations.
The full range of steel water tanks are WRAS approved to certificate number 0807044 when used with the Butyl liner. The tanks have a minimum safety margin of 40% which means that the structure is capable of holding a minimum of 40% more than the tanks actual volume.
Our galvanised steel water tank kits include:
• Corrugated, galvanised, curved steel panels with punched bolt holes
• A tailored liner manufactured in PVC, EPDM, Butyl or PE
• 12mm (½ inch) PVC capping to cover the top edge of the tank
• 25mm (1 inch) PVC capping to trap the overlap of the liner over the top of the 12mm capping
• 25mm (1 inch) spring clips to hold the capping in place
• Straining wire and strainer to prevent the liner from slipping in to the tank
• M10 x 20mm plated bolts, nuts and washers
• Holding down brackets and fixing bolts
• Drilled panel to accept your chosen size of tank outlet
The tanks are utilised for the:
• Storage of irrigation water for sports playing surfaces, parklands and garden centres
• Storage of drinking water for emergency aid all over the world
• Collection of rainwater as part of a recycling scheme
• Holding tanks for fish within the Aquaculture industry
• Storage of water on construction sites and quarries for dust suppression
The advantages of the corrugated steel tanks are:
• Extremely strong and durable
• Able to hold much larger quantities of water than Polyethylene water tanks
• Easy to install with a photographic instruction manual supplied with each tank
• Supplied in kit form ready for assembly
• The tank can be disassembled and moved quickly making it ideal for construction sites
• Approved to WRAS regulations (Certificate Number 0807044) when used with the Butyl liner
Tank specification:
Capacity: 200000 Litres (44040 Gallons)
Diameter: 9140mm
Height: 3040mm
The tanks are supplied with an EPDM liner as standard. The EPDM tank liner material is 1.00mm thick and is very strong and hard wearing. It offers excellent cut through, abrasion and UV resistance.
Liner info:
Colour: Matt black
Abrasion resistance: Excellent
Chemical resistance: Good
Cut through resistance: Excellent
Flexibility: Very flexible
Temperature resistance: Very good
UV Resistance: Excellent
Repair with: Glue and a patch
The tank also comes as standard with a woven Polypropylene anti-algae cover. The cover is designed to cover and overlap the top edge of the tank. The advantages of woven polypropylene construction are that it offers excellent UV protection preventing algae growth. It also prevents rainwater from directly entering the tank and also stops debris from being blown into the water. A ball valve flap allows access for supply as well as access for sampling the water.
Tank Options:
As the correct type of liner is essential for your tank system, we also offer a choice of optional upgraded liners. Different types of water require different liners, all of which have their own advantages.
Butyl liner:
The Butyl liner is manufactured from 1.00mm thick material and is suitable for drinking water applications and offers excellent cut through, abrasion and UV resistance.
PVC liner:
The 0.75mm PVC liner is a low cost alternative to the EPDM and Butyl liners. The PVC offers excellent resistance against chlorine and is the ideal choice when storing water with a chlorine content of more than 5ppm. 
FPP liner:
The 0.75mm FPP liner has excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance and UV stability. FPP is particularly suited to storing water from recirculatory or reverse osmosis systems. The liner has a shiny finish and is class as semi-rigid.
The range of corrugated steel tanks is supplied as standard with an anti-algae polypropylene cover. If you select one of the optional outlets, an outlet hole will be drilled in the centre of a base panel, in the lowest possible working position. An optional galvanised steel cover is available. Please see below for more additional info.
Galvanised steel tank cover: 
The galvanised steel tank cover is supplied with two access hatches and a ball valve bracket. The access hatches are bolted down for added security. The benefits of the steel cover are that it prevents people from falling through as it is much stronger than the other covers and can withstand greater weight. This makes it an ideal choice for councils as it complies with the health and safety requirements. It also prevents the growth of algae and stops evaporation. It also prevents rainwater entering the tank and also debris being blown by the wind.
The tank can be supplied with either no outlet or a 2, 3 or 4" steel outlet at no extra cost. A choice of brass bodied gate valve is available if required to suit you choice of outlet.
Tank placement
It is highly recommended that the steel water tanks are sited on a concrete base. The concrete should be a minimum of 100mm thickness and the concrete should be type C35 300kg/m³. 
*C35 is a very strong concrete mix that is recommended for use on industrial floors, reinforced foundations, piling and underpinning.
Please see the table below for base requirements.
Tank diameter Minimum base diameter Concrete required Sand required
2.74 metres (9 ft) 3.34 metres 0.88m³ 0.30m³
3.65 metres (12 ft) 4.25 metres 1.42m³ 0.53m³
4.57 metres (15 ft) 5.17 metres 2.10m³ 0.82m³
5.48 metres (18 ft) 6.08 metres 2.91m³ 1.18m³
6.40 metres (21 ft) 7.00 metres 3.85m³ 1.61m³
7.32 metres (24 ft) 7.91 metres 4.92m³ 2.10m³
8.23 metres (27 ft) 8.83 metres 6.12m³ 2.66m³
9.14 metres (30 ft) 9.74 metres 7.46m³ 3.28m³
10.06 metres (33 ft) 10.66 metres 8.92m³ 3.97m³
10.97 metres (36 ft) 11.57 metres 10.52m³ 4.73m³
11.89 metres (39 ft) 12.49 metres 12.25m³ 5.55m³
12.80 metres (42 ft) 13.40 metres 14.11m³ 6.44m³
13.71 metres (45 ft) 14.32 metres 16.10m³ 7.39m³
14.63 metres (48 ft) 15.23 metres 18.22m³ 8.41m³
Important delivery information
Please note the tanks are delivered using a 40ft articulated lorry and the receiving customer is responsible for the safe offloading of the tank from the delivery vehicle. The tanks are delivered on pallets, therefore a fork lift truck or similar is required.
If for any reason, delivery on an articulated lorry is not possible, please make us aware of this so that alternate arrangements can be made. Please note additional charges may apply.


Tank Specifications
Capacity - Litres 200000
Capacity - Gallons 44040
Construction Material Galvanised Steel
Diameter - mm 9140
Height - mm 3040
Standard Liner Thickness - mm 1
Standard Cover Woven Polypropylene Anti-algae
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