DAB Divertron Underground Water Tank Pump Kit

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This pump kit is ideal for use in rainwater harvesting systems and is available with a choice of two pumps, either a DAB Divertron 1000 or a DAB Divertron 1200 submersible pump.

The pump kit includes:

  • DAB Divertron 1000 submersible pump with float switch assembly
  • Stainless steel chain and fittings
  • Stainless steel pump hook
  • 2 metres of delivery hose
  • 2x 1” hose tails
  • 2x stainless steel 1” jubilee style clips
  • 1x 90° 1” to 32mm MDPE fitting
  • DN100 rubber seal

The DAB 1000 and 1200 pumps are direct pressure pumps, meaning that if it is connected to a tap and the tap is opened, the pressure within the system will drop and the pump will initiate. When the tap is closed, the pressure will build and the pump will turn off.

The pump delivers approximately 4 bar of pressure and up to 3500 litres/hr of flow and features dry run protection as standard. However, a float switch is retrofitted at the factory alleviating any low-level dry running issues, making this a reliable, simple system.

Pump features:

  • Built-in electronic pressure switch and flow sensor
  • Dry run protection and built in non-return valve
  • 15 metre power cord
  • Weight 11 kg
Model Voltage Motor Outlet Max. Flow Max. Head
DAB Divertron 1000 230v 0.9 kW 1" 95 l/min 36 metres
DAB Divertron 1200 230v 1.1 kW 1" 95 l/min 48 metres