Giant Overflow Siphon with Rodent Barrier


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The Giant overflow siphon is available with a choice of three outlet sizes: DN 150, DN 200 or DN 250.
The siphon features a high grade stainless steel rodent barrier and has several connection points in order to fasten it inside the tank. It is essential that the overflow siphon is securely installed inside the tank, as it is substantially heavy when full of water. If the water level inside the tank is low, the lifting power of the siphon is missing. A high temperature resistant DN 50 pipe can be attached to the bracing point to act as a supporting bracket.
How it works:
Dirt particles that are lighter than water float on the water’s surface. The overflow siphon skims the top of the surface and siphon’s away the floating debris inside the tank. This enables oxygen diffusion at the water surface which is essential for high quality water.
  1. Inlet with rodent barrier
  2. Connection points for secure attachment
  3. DN 50 pipe connection point for use as a bracing point
  4. Outlet (either DN 150, DN 200 or DN 250)

Technical data:

Material: Polyethylene
Rodent barrier: Stainless steel
Weight: 7.5 kg
* Regular overflow is essential for optimum tank water quality, so that the water remains both colour and odourless.