Steel Water Tank from 45000 to 200000 Litre - 27ft Dia


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Suitable for Drinking Water (Potable) No
WRAS Approved No


New for 2021 - Upgraded thicker steel sheets, 1mm EPDM liner and a 4” outlet with 4” BSP Gate valve included as standard.

For storing large amounts of water, galvanised steel water tanks are the most cost-effective option available. The steel construction of the water tanks makes them durable and long-lasting. Compared to other tanks on the market, we use thicker steel sheets meaning they can withstand any extremes of UK weather.


  • The most cost effective option for storing large amounts of water
  • Extra thick steel sheets ensure the tank will survive heavy winds
  • Various options to enhance the tank further
  • Durable and long-lasting due to all steel construction
  • Can be easily disassembled, moved, and reassembled
  • Included as standard is the 1mm EPDM Liner and 4” outlet and gate valve
  • Various options available to make the water tank suit your specific needs
  • 15 year life if the tank is properly maintained

The tank has various uses in the agriculture, horticulture and irrigation industries including processed water, rainwater and liquid fertilizer.

Tank Cover

  • Anti-Algae covers prevent UV light from the sun entering the tank, which reduces Algae growth
  • Galvanised steel cover prevents algae, debris and improves the overall strength of the tank

We offer external powder coating with our sectional tanks. This is something we highly recommend if you are placing the water tank near the coast. Sea air can cause the water tank to rust and the extra layer of protection can add years to the life of the tank. The standard colour of the coating is dark green.

Various other options are possible with this tank, including ladders, inlets and different colours. Many of them can found in the downloadable document ‘Galvanised Steel Water Tank Options’. Please contact our sales team if you would like a quote for your specific needs.

We highly recommended that steel water tanks are sited on a concrete base. The concrete should be a minimum of 100mm thickness, and the concrete should be type C35 300kg/m³. For this 8.23 metre diameter tank, a concrete base 8.83 metres in width is recommended.

Installation service

This tank is designed and packed in a way that two competent people can install it, but we do offer an installation service for this tank. The cost varies based on tank size, location and other details. Please provide us with as much information as possible and we can provide a quotation.

Delivery information

This tank will be delivered in kit form loaded onto pallets, so offloading equipment will be required. Adequate access is also required for the delivery vehicle. Please contact us if either are unavailable.

We can ship anywhere worldwide as the tank easily fits in a shipping container. Please contact us for a quotation.


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