DM600 Automatic Hose Reel Nozzle

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Weight - kg 2.5
WRAS Approved No
Suitable for Drinking Water (Potable) No
Main Body/Barrel Hard Anodised Aluminium
Slive Valve Stainless Steel
Front Bumper Shockproof Polyurethane


The DM600 Automatic mainline nozzle provides a powerful, long range main jet with a coherent stream pattern combined with high performance water spray patterns. The nozzle features a 2 ½” Male instantaneous swivel inlet.

The DM600 is widely used by;

  • Fire and rescue services
  • Marine industry (On and Offshore)
  • Civil defence
  • Aviation industry
  • Petrochemical installations
  • Major industrial users

Key product features;

Long throw main jet
The high volume of coherent flow ensures that the maximum volume of water reaches the end of the flow with minimum water ‘drop out’.

Wide flow range 50 to 700 L/Min
Cohesive jet and dense water spray pattern at each flow setting. Normal operating range of 5 to 8 bar.

Powerful fog pattern
Excellent for general firefighting use as very fine central water droplets are carried by heavier outside droplets.

On/Off pulsing
The nozzle can be rapidly switched on and off and the water spray ‘pulsed’ with virtually no pressure surge or water hammer effect.

Narrow angle click setting
The nozzle jet spray pattern has a single narrow angle click position which is positive enough to hold the setting in operational us and is easily identifiable in ‘blind fire scenarios.

Flow volume control at the nozzle
This allows the operator to instantly change the volume of flow to match changing conditions without significant changes in jet length and spray pattern.

Automatic pressure control
The nozzle automatically makes maximum use of available water flow.

Due to the slide valve design, only minimum maintenance is required and the wide flush setting helps prevent any obstruction of the water flow in use.

The DM600 nozzle is manufactured here in the United Kingdom under an ISO 9001 quality system and every nozzle is subjected to rigorous quality controls and has a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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