Plastic Open Head Drum Barrel - 30 to 220 Litres


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  • Easily sealed and secured with its tight clamp lid – keeping contents safe even in transit
  • UN approved for the safe transportation of solids due to their high quality construction
  • Perfect for storing food products being made from food approved material
  • Quickly filled and emptied thanks to their fully removable lids
  • Saves on valuable storage space due to their  innovative stackable design

Our open head drums meet the high requirements of multiple industries, for their robust construction quality and ease of use. They are the perfect solution for the safe transportation of most liquids, powders and solids, ensuring safety, cleanliness, and convenience at the highest level.

These barrels are manufactured from food approved material and are also suitable for the storage and transportation of bulk liquids, solids, and powders; including, oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, adhesives and many other products.

The protected clamp-rings secure the lid to allow transportation of solid or liquid units effectively, with an inner layer of polyethylene resistant to stress for more hazardous products.

Excellent for use in nearly any chemical plant, food factory, refinery, warehouse and more.

Capable of being stacked up to two units high, helping to save on valuable storage space.

It comes in a range of sizes from 30 litres to 220 litres to suit any requirement.

Their use is not limited to their conventional applications, however, as they can be used as water butts for rainwater harvesting – and a previous customer has used them for creating a dust collector for their workshop.

We also stock 220 Litre Plastic Tight Head Drums, as well as heater jackets which are available for each size drum.

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