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How To Install an Oil Tank Easily For Maximum Efficiency

Oil tanks are becoming increasingly popular across the UK as more and more homes are being built that aren’t connected to the national grid. They are also becoming more popular due to their cheaper cost compared to other heating methods.
19 October 2021
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How to Store Drinking Water at Festivals

After a year of silence in the fields and parks, we are set to see the return of festivals.
4 August 2021
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What Type of Pump Do I Need?

A pump is a mechanical device that is used to effectively transport liquids, solids or a combination of the two - commonly known as slurries
3 March 2020
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IBC uses & applications - What can an IBC be used for?

A look into the wide variety of bulk storage and transportation uses for liquids, granules and powders that IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) provide.
7 November 2019
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50,000 Litre Tank Installation - Case Study

In February 2014, we completed a full supply and installation service for a 50,000 litre coated galvanised steel tank in Dunblane, Scotland.
19 September 2019
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Oil Tanks - FAQ

“How can I fill the tank with oil?” “How are your tanks manufactured?” and your other frequently asked questions regarding our range of Bunded Oil Tanks.
17 September 2019
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Oil Tank Installation - OFTEC Requirements

Ensure your oil tank installation complies with OFTEC guidelines around tank location, base and ground support, and fire separation distances by following this helpful guide.
17 September 2019
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Baffled Water Tanks - FAQ

Frequent questions regarding our Baffled Water Tanks, including “What is a Baffled Water Tank?” and “What size Baffled Water Tank should I choose?”
7 August 2019
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Water Bowsers - FAQ

“What is a Water Bowser?” “What weight can I legally tow?” and other common questions around our range of towable Water Bowsers
8 July 2019
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GRP Tanks - FAQ

Common questions about our GRP Tanks, including “What does GRP stand for?” and “Are GRP Tanks suitable for storing drinking water?”
8 July 2019
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Underground Tanks - FAQ

“How deep can I bury my water tank?” “Can I drive over my tank once it is installed?” and your other Underground Tanks questions.
5 July 2019
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Potable or Non-Potable - What's the difference?

Advice on the difference between Potable and Non-Potable water tanks, and how to ensure you purchase the right classification of tank for your intended use.
2 July 2019
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Choosing the right IBC - New, Reconditioned or Rebottled?

Exploring the defining properties, features and common uses of New, Reconditioned and Rebottled IBCs, and the recommended IBC type for different industries.
28 June 2019
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Our Rainwater Harvesting systems explained

An overview of the four main types of Rainwater Harvesting Systems available from Direct Water Tanks and their defining features, uses and installation.
5 June 2019
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IBC pallets - What's the difference?

Helpful information on the differences between Wooden, Steel, Plastic and Combination IBC pallets, and how to make the right choice for your intended use and industry.
5 June 2019
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A short guide to IBC fittings & adaptors

A guide to the uses and properties of the wide range of IBC fittings and accessories available to buy online from Direct Water Tanks, including Lids, Vents and Adaptors.
5 June 2019
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