1000 Litre IBC Heater Jacket


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Width - mm 4400
Height - mm 1000


  • Perfectly suited for a wide range of uses such as, frost prevention, melting solids and maintaining temperature
  • Comes with either a 0 to +40°C or 0 to +90°C capillary thermostat depending on your choice of specification
  • Supplied with 4m of power cable, giving you ample reach
  • Provides a controlled, safe source of heat for your products
  • Quick release buckles make fitting and removing the jacket a breeze

This IBC Heater Jacket covers all four sides of the IBC and has been specifically designed to heat products that have been stored in 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). IBC heating jackets reduce the viscosity of fats, oils, foodstuffs and chemicals, and are in widespread service throughout the pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetic, food processing and manufacturing industries.

The jacket provides a controlled, safe source of electrical surface heating to the IBC to either maintain or raise the temperature of the contents. It has a silicone insulated heating element which is stitched into the jacket made from a water resistant and flame retardant polyester material, and insulated with a thermally efficient E-glass fibre insulation blanket to ensure that the power is directed effectively in to the application. The heated electrical element is shielded with a tinned copper earth braid for safety purposes.

An optional insulated lid (comes as standard with three heating element option) can also be added to ensure that the product kept inside the IBC is safe and will be kept at the right temperature. Adjustable thermostatic control also helps keep the desired temperature. 


  • Covers all four sides of the IBC
  • Heated electrical element is shielded with a tinned copper earth braid
  • Adjustable thermostatic control
  • Ip rating of 40
  • Supplied with 4 metres of braided power cable
  • Fitted with either a 0 to +40°C or 0 to +90°C capillary thermostat
  • Designed in UL approved manufacturing facilities
  • Available with a 1000W, 2000W & 3000W circuit and either a 110 volt or 230 volt AC
  • Optional insulated lid available – included as standard with 3 heating element option

Available with either one, two or three heating elements built in to the jacket. The amount of elements affects how high your jacket can heat, as well as how quickly. Please note that three heating elements is only available for a 230v power supply. For more details on these heating elements, please refer to the table below.

Number of Heating Elements Voltage Thermostat Range
One (1kW) 110V / 230V 0 - +40°C
Two (2kW) 110V / 230V 0 - +90°C
Three (3kW) 230V 0 - +90°C

This product has an IP rating of 40 and is fitted with quick release buckles for ease of installation and removal, making the process of installing the jacket much easier. All container heaters are supplied with 4 metres of braided power cable and have been fitted with a 0 to +40°C capillary thermostat.

These heater jackets have been designed in UL approved manufacturing facilities and are available with a 1000W circuit and either a 110 volt or 230 volt AC.

All health and safety procedures can be found in the downloadable specification sheets under ‘Product Downloads’. 

Please Note: This product does not come with a plug, as to serve a broader range of applications. However, one can be easily retrofit by a competent person.

Do not stow away folded until the jacket has cooled to room temperature to avoid damage.


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