400000 Litres Galvanised Steel Water Tank with Liner


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Diameter - mm 12800
Height - mm 3040
Capacity - Litres 400000
Capacity - Gallons 87988
Suitable for Drinking Water (Potable) No
WRAS Approved No
Construction Material Powder Coated Steel
Standard Cover Woven Polypropylene Anti-algae
Standard Liner Thickness - mm 0.75


  • The most cost-effective option for storing large amounts of water
  • Durable and long-lasting due to all steel construction
  • Can be easily disassembled, moved, and reassembled
  • Various options available to make the water tank suit your specific needs
  • 15 year life if the tank is properly maintained
  • Installation service available upon request

For storing large amounts of water, galvanised steel water tanks are the most cost-effective option available. The steel construction of the water tanks makes them durable and long-lasting. Compared to other tanks on the market, we use thicker steel sheets, meaning they can withstand any extremes of UK weather. 

The tank has various uses in the agriculture, horticulture, and irrigation industries including processed water, rainwater and liquid fertilizer.

All tanks are approved to BS5950 and BS EN 1993 and are either galvanised with lead-free zinc to 275g/m² to EN10142, or powder coated with durable lead-free paint. All tanks have a minimum safety margin of 40% — this means that the metal structure can hold a minimum of 40% more water than the actual volume of the tank.

Optional Extras and Accessories

Installation Service

This tank is built and packed in a way that two competent people can install it. We do offer an installation service for this tank. The cost of which varies based upon tank size, location and other details. Please contact us and provide us with as much information as possible, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to provide a quotation.

Powder Coating

We offer external powder coating with our sectional tanks. This is something we highly recommend if you are placing the water tank near the coast. Sea air can cause the water tank to rust, and the extra layer of protection can add years to the life of the tank. The standard colour of the coating is dark green, which also helps the tanks blend in, in rural settings.

Tank Liners

Each tank is supplied as standard with a 0.75 or 1.00mm Greenseal EPDM tank liner, which offers a strong and more cost-efficient alternative to a Butyl rubber tank liner. EPDM is a flexible, robust material that offers excellent cut through, abrasion and UV resistance.

Advantages of EPDM tank liners:

  • Completely UV and Ozone resistant
  • Brittle point -40°C
  • Does not harden and crack when continually flexed
  • Flexibility makes this product very quick and easy to install
  • Totally inert, no problems with leaching of plasticizers as suffered from PVC
  • Can easily be repaired with a repair patch

The optional upgraded Butyl liner is heavier and more expensive than other liners, however they last for at least a decade, so pay for themselves. The Butyl liners offer excellent resistance to high temperature variations, abrasion and UV light.

  • Excellent UV and Ozone resistance
  • Brittle point -30°C
  • Does not harden and crack when continually flexed
  • Flexibility makes this product very quick and easy to install
  • Totally inert with no leaching of plasticizers
  • Easily repairable

Tank Covers

Anti-Algae covers prevent UV light from the sun entering the tank, which reduces Algae growth.
Galvanised steel cover prevents algae, debris and improves the overall strength of the tank.


The tank can be supplied with no outlet or a choice of two, three, or four inch steel outlet as standard, however outlets up to six inches are available upon request.

Gate Valves

The optional brass bodied gate valves are used in conjunction with the 2-4 inch outlets and are BSP threaded and ideal for isolated outlets.

Tank Placement

It is highly recommended that the steel water tanks are sited on a concrete base and the concrete should be a minimum of 100mm thickness and the type used should be type C35 300kg/m³. For more details, see the erection instructions under the product downloads section.

Delivery Information

Please note, the tanks are delivered on a 40ft articulated vehicle and the receiving customer is responsible for the safe offloading of the tank from the delivery vehicle. The tanks are delivered on pallets, meaning a fork lift truck or similar equipment is required.

If, for any reason, delivery on an articulated vehicle is not possible, please contact us for alternate delivery services.

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