Double Bucket Hook-On Calf / Lamb Feeder


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Length - mm 570
Width - mm 290
Height - mm 325
Capacity - Litres 10
Construction Material Food Grade Polyethylene


Suitable for farms, animal sanctuaries and animal parks, this feeder is manufactured from food-grade polyethylene and easily hooks onto a gate, railing or fence. It is designed to feed 1-2 animals at once and is available with small or large white teats to suit the size of the animals feeding.


  • Hook-on
  • 10-litre capacity
  • Integrated hooks
  • Seamless
  • Large or small teat
  • UV-resistant

With a capacity of 10 litres, this feeder is UV-resistant to ensure it will not fade in sunlight. It features a seamless design that prevents leakage and is easy to clean.

An integrated handle at the top of the feeder allows it to be easily handled.

The two teat sizes suit different sized animals: the smaller teat is suitable for lambs whereas the large teat caters better for calves. The teats are removable for easy cleaning / replacement and fix onto the feeder via the screws that attach to the teats from the inside.

Designed for minimal maintenance, this feeder will not rust or corrode.


Height: 325mm
Length: 570mm
Width: 290mm
Capacity: 10 litres
Construction material: food-grade polyethylene

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