Lavor LVR4 Plus 160 Bar High Pressure Washer with Digital Control System

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Length - mm 360
Width - mm 390
Height - mm 780
Load Capacity - kg 13


The integrated digital control system of the LVR4 Plus 160 monitors its main functions for an enhanced level of consumption, performance and safety. This includes an overheating indicator, a maintenance indicator, micro-leakage control, child safety and an automatic switch-off function in case of prolonged standby.

It is suitable for a range of outdoor deep cleaning and disinfecting applications such as removing loose and flaking paint, street cleaning, car care and washing garden furniture. The user simply selects from soft, medium and hard settings to match the respective surface, while also being extremely energy-efficient each time the soft (-50%) and medium (-25%) programmes are used.  

The Lavor Foam Sprayer System is included as standard. This piece of equipment includes adjustable detergent quantity control and adjustable jet control for economical application, enabling the user to disinfect large outdoor spaces whenever they want, easily and quickly.


  • Easy to manoeuvre due to large wheels with rubber tread
  • Cleans all types of surfaces due to its high pressure
  • No need to worry about monitoring consumption, performance or safety as the Digital Control System will continuously monitor this for you
  • Eco-friendly as using the soft (50%) and medium (20%) reduces energy consumption
  • Aluminium pump head for long-term reliability
  • Multiple nozzles for ultimate versatility
  • Quick and easy to put away the hose after use because of the pump quick coupling
  • Easy to store with the telescopic handle  
  • Ideal for cleaning large outdoor areas, street cleaning, paint removal, etc

The telescopic handle enables easy horizontal manoeuvrability and compact storage when not in use. It also features two large wheels with rubber treads for extra grip and an alternative method of transportation around the home, public areas and perimeters of commercial buildings. 

Multiple nozzles are included for ultimate versatility, along with an 8m high-pressure hose (2500 W, 160 bar, 510 L/h) and a pump quick coupling to put away the hose quickly and easily. Another practical additional accessory supplied with this product is the patio cleaner L28 attachment (with double nozzle) which is designed to get your patios and terraces gleaming with minimal effort.

Standard Equipment

The following parts are included with the LVR4 150 High-Pressure Washer:

  • Gun with Quick Coupling
  • High-Pressure Hose 8m
  • Interchangeable Lance Nozzle Holder
  • Variojet High-Pressure Nozzle
  • Turbo Nozzle
  • ECO Nozzle
  • Lavor Foam System
  • Fixed brush
  • Patio cleaner L28 with Double Nozzle
  • Quick Coupling 3/4 F with Built-In Filter

What Washing Programme Do I Require?


Suitable Surfaces/Applications


Delicate surfaces - wooden outdoor furniture, bicycles, and fabrics


Car care, plastic outdoor furniture and plaster walls


Very stubborn surfaces - tarmac, stone, cement and work tools

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