Manta 355 Series 12" Vented Tank Lid - 1 Vent

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  • Increases tank's longevity by allowing pressure to escape with built-in vents
  • Prevents tanks from glugging, decreasing the chance of spills
  • Durable and lightweight polypropylene construction
  • Quick and easy to open and close with its ergonomic handle
  • Female thread – 1 vent
  • 350mm diameter
  • 313mm diameter thread
  • 29mm deep

This threaded 12" vented water tank lid simply threads into a manta 355 lid ring/collar. Creating a watertight seal with an ergonomic handle for quick and easy opening and closing. The vented lid allows for air to enter the tank and for pressure to escape. This is exceedingly useful when emptying the tank as the infill of air prevents the tank's tap from glugging.

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