Paxton DHT2A Dairy Wash Trough - 227 Litres

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Length - mm 940
Width - mm 762
Height - mm 838
Capacity - Litres 227
Capacity - Gallons 50


Manufactured in the UK by Paxton, this freestanding dairy hygiene trough is extremely user-friendly, has a 227 litre (50 gallons) capacity and is double skinned for superior heat retention and frost protection. It is supplied with a loose fitting lid for holding circulation wash water for milking parlours.

It is constructed from UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene and features a one-piece design to ensure long term strength and durability. The rounded profile means it fills quickly and requires less water to fill.


  • 227 litre capacity
  • Ideal for holding circulation wash water for milking parlours
  • Frost protection with double skinned body
  • Superior heat retention
  • Manufactured from long-lasting, UV stabilised MDPE
  • One piece construction
  • Smooth and easy to clean surface
  • Manufactured using 'food grade' material giving a hygienic surface
  • Rounded profile
  • Calibrated internal markings
  • 38mm drain outlet including plug
  • Quick draining
  • Mould-in legs reduce the lifting height 
  • Plug chain is fixed to outer edge so that the user does not need to get wet

The smooth, easy to clean surface and ‘food grade’ material used in the construction ensures the user can easily keep the trough uncontaminated and hygienic for everyday use. The mould-in legs minimise the lifting height meaning the trough is simple to handle and carry.

Featuring standardised internal markings, this dairy hygiene trough comes with a 38mm drain outlet (including plug) for quick and effective draining. The plug chain is attached to the outer edge so that the user does not get wet.


Length: 940mm

Width: 762mm

Height: 838mm

Capacity: 227 Litres (50 Gallons)

Other: Includes outlet and plug

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