Starflex Type 2 Coated Fire Hose 45mm Diameter


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The Starflex Type 2 is a high quality coated fire hose that is widely used by Fire and Rescue services, Marine and Industrial and is perfectly suited to general purpose firefighting, water transfer and wash down use.
Starflex Type 2 is manufactured with an all synthetic woven polyester jacket and has a low-friction synthetic rubber lining. The hose is lightweight, yet tough and durable and has a ragged heat resistant polyurethane coat which is suitable for sea water and brackish water use.
Key Facts;
  • Manufactured to BS 6391
  • Lightweight
  • All synthetic construction
  • Rot proof
  • Durable and flexible
  • Easy to clean and maintain
The hose is available in the following lengths;
  • 15 metres
  • 18 metres
  • 20 metres
  • 23 metres
  • 25 metres
  • 30 metres
A choice of either light alloy or gunmetal couplings is available. The gunmetal couplings are favoured by marine trades as they offer salt water corrosion resistance and are unaffected by extreme weather conditions.
Internal Diameter 38mm (1 1/2") 45mm (1 3/4") 52mm (2") 64mm (2 1/2")
Burst Pressure 45 bar 45 bar 45 bar 45 bar
Working Pressure 15 bar 15 bar 15 bar 15 bar


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