Tuffa 1950 Litre Petrol Tank


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More Information
Length - mm 2860
Width - mm 1460
Height - mm 4500
Capacity - Litres 1950
Suitable for Drinking Water (Potable) No
WRAS Approved No
Warranty 10 Years
Construction Material Steel


Our Tuffa 1950 Litre Petrol Tank is a fireproof, steel fabricated tank with a bunded design. It has been carefully manufactured in accordance with the Blue book guidelines and includes safety design features in accordance with DSEAR for the safe static storage and local dispensing of petrol.

The intended use for this 1950 litre tank is for the storage and local dispensing of petrol from a fixed point (non-mobile) within a suitable facility.


  • Manufactured from high-quality mild steel
  • Fire protective jacket on primary tank
  • 4” BSP fill connection with cap & chain
  • Steel welded construction for primary tank and bund
  • 2” 4.5m vent stack
  • Lockable access hatch
  • Plastic dipstick
  • Fork lift skids with bolt down connections
  • Earth strap & rod
  • Minimum 110% bund
  • Hydraulic lid
  • Secure padlock system
  • Delivery hose and nozzle

We recommend the system be installed and fully supported on a smooth level reinforced concrete base of no less than 100mm thickness.

Please note: The end-user is responsible for complying with the legal requirements relating to the safe location, installation and use of this product. Please see our additional Petrol Tank Guidance Document for more information on this.

The storage and procurement of petrol in the UK is regulated and not possible without first obtaining a petroleum certificate from your local authority petroleum officer


Available Upgrades

External 12V pump – for sites requiring a quicker flow rate than the standard hand pump, and have access to battery power.

External 240V pump – for sites requiring a quicker flow rate than the standard hand pump, and have access to mains power, providing a forecourt style system.

Flowmeter – a mechanical flowmeter with +/- 1% accuracy to measure the amount of fuel dispensed.

Pump cabinet – a lockable steel cabinet to house the pump providing additional security for your tank.

Optional Extras

Fire Kit – although all petrol tanks are fully fireproofed, petrol remains a highly flammable substance. There is a statutory duty of care to ensure fire fighting equipment is easily accessible. The Fire Kit consists of two dry powder or foam extinguishers and fire bucket containing fire retardant material on a mobile unit.

Spill Kit – areas where petrol is handled or stored should be provided with a means of controlling spills to prevent spreading to non-hazardous areas. We can provide a very effective solution consisting of a large, clearly labelled, 240 litre wheeled bin containing 8, 3 metre ‘socks’ filled with absorbent material plus 6 bags of loose absorbent material.

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