Twin Rainwater Filter

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The Twin Filter is a rainwater filter designed for use with large roof areas. The filter can be installed in an underground chamber (usually 1000mm manholes) or it can be mounted directly to a wall protected from frost. 
Due to its two step cleaning system, the filter gives a high level of filtering efficiency. The filter cartridge is steeply inclined which means the dirt is continuously cleaned away into the sewer. The cleaned water is collected in a tank and directed into the storage tank. 
Connection capacity for roof areas up to 800m².
It is highly recommended that the filter is cleaned 1-2 times a year depending on the contamination.
How it works:
1. As the water arrives, the level builds up and is equally distributed across the two cascades.
2. The first cleaning stage takes place with the largest dirt particles led across the primary filter cascades directly to the sewer.
3. The water then flows over the second cleaning stage. Due to the special mesh (0.65mm) structure of the sieve, any dirt is washed away into the sewer.
4. The cleaned water is absorbed in the middle tank and directed through one of the two connections into the storage.
5. Dirt goes into the sewer through the shaft.
Technical data:
Rainwater inlet: 2x DN 100 / DN 150
Tank inlet: 2x DN 100 / DN 150
Outlet into sewer: 2x DN 100 / DN 150
Housing and cascade material: Polyethylene
Filter cartridge: Stainless steel
Mesh size: 0.65mm
Weight: 16 kg

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