1125 Litres Highway Drinking Water Bowser


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More Information
Capacity - Litres 1125
Capacity - Gallons 247
Suitable for Drinking Water (Potable) Yes
WRAS Approved No
Colour Blue
Construction Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Height - metres 1.36
Length - metres 2.77
Width - metres 1.5
Gross Weight - kg 1400
Unladen Weight - kg 260


Our 1125 litre water bowser is suitable for the safe on-site storage of drinking water. Potable water bowsers and containers provide on-site solutions where no mains water connections are available and are ideal for use in fields and paddocks when animals are away from their main feeding area. The bowser should however be located under shade wherever possible to prevent the water warming and becoming unappealing to the animals.

This bowser is constructed from high density Polyethylene and fitted with an 18" hinged lid.

This bowser is approved for use on public highways and can be legally towed on public roads at speeds of up to 60 mph, and can also be towed off-road at slower speeds.



  • Constructed from 80 x 80 x 6 mm RSA, fully welded with a 'T' frame drawbar.
  • Fully hot dipped, galvanised to BS standards.

Axle & Suspension

  • Avonride rubber torsion beam axle fitted with 200 x 50 auto reverse brakes and 4 stud 5 ½” PCD hubs.

Wheels & Tyres

  • Fitted with two 185 x 13 6 ply commercial van tyres on 4 stud 5 ½” PCD rims.


  • Avonride auto reverse coupling fitted with a 50mm ball hitch. Includes breakaway cable and parking brake lever.

Ancillary Equipment

  • Fitted with moulded mudguards, front telescopic jockey wheels and a rear lighting board.


  • Elliptic shape.
  • Constructed from high density Polyethylene and fitted with an 18" lockable outer hinged lid with a sealed and vented inner lid.
  • 1 rear tap and various outlets.
  • The tank is attached to the trailer using 2x stainless steel straps.

Delivery Information

This bowser is delivered on a curtain sided vehicle, and it is the customer’s responsibility to safely unload the bowser from the delivery vehicle using a forklift truck or similar piece of equipment.

By marking the ‘Delivery Information’ checkbox above, you are confirming that the delivery location is suitable for heavy goods vehicles and that you have equipment on site to unload the bowser.

If false information is provided, delivery may be delayed and extra costs may be incurred. If you do not have unloading equipment and require delivery on a different type of vehicle, please contact us to discuss.

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