Compact In Tank Filter

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This is our smallest rainwater filter for installation within rainwater tanks.

The filter has a compact design and is ideal where there is little space and no height difference between the inlet and outlet. The compact filter is ideal for use with our calmed inlet.

Due to the horizontal position of the filter cartridge, the filter get dirtier quicker then inclined filter cartridges. It is therefore highly recommended to clean with detergent and a brush in order to degrease the filter sieve.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 150m².

How it works:

1. Rainwater flows down the pipes and onto the filter cartridge

2. The filter cleans the rainwater, seperating leaves and sludge from the water. The clean water then flows down the through the calmed flow inlet and into your tank below.

3. Due to the smooth surface structure of the filter, the debris is quickly rinsed away into the sewer.

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