Drum Base Heater


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Height - mm 105
Diameter - Top - mm 550
Diameter - Bottom - mm 600


  • Well insulated plate distributes heat evenly
  • Strong steel construction provides a long lasting and stable platform
  • Two metre armoured power cable gives you peace of mind and more freedom of placement
  • Perfect for heating metal drums up to 210 litres
  • Adjustable thermostat allows for a variety of uses and can heat water up to 50°C higher than its base temperature

Strong, durable and efficient. Our drum base heater is a great solution to frost, temperature maintenance and viscous liquids. Capable of heating water within a drum up to (and in between) an additional 50°C from its base temperature. The drum base heater is great for maintaining viscosity of fat, soaps, varnishes, and oil based products!

The large base allows drums up to 210L in capacity, and its two metre armoured power cable provides versatility when positioning the base heater. Within the heater plate, 50mm of high density rock wool provides excellent thermal transfer to the drum and minimal transference to the base of the unit.

Great for use in food production, chemical plants, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. 

Lights on the control panel make it clear at a quick glance if the unit is powered and active.

Available in either a 230v or a 110v configuration to suit most power supplies.

Please note that this heater is provided without a plug, to serve a broader range of applications.

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