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  • Versatile – can prevent contents from freezing or control the viscosity of soaps and oils
  • Adjustable quick-release buckles for quick set up and tear down
  • Temperature range of 0-40ºC will not damage plastic barrels
  • The long 4-metre power cable won't restrict the placement of your drum

Our Plastic Drum Heater Jackets provide a simple, effective and reliable way to heat the contents of plastic drums. Supplied with an adjustable thermostat for a control range of 0-40ºC. This product melts materials, controls viscosity for soaps and fats, as well as providing frost protection.

Heater jackets are a specialist tool for use in production of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, lubricants, and soap.

The heater jacket has a polyester base fabric which is Teflon coated. Also includes nylon webbing with quick-release adjustable buckles. The drum heater jacket comes with a 4-metre power cable, which must be attached to a plug before use.

For safety: We advise disconnecting the power when the drum is empty, being filled or when the heater jacket is being fitted or removed from the drum. Do not fold for storage until the jacket is completely cooled.


Dimensions (height x length)

Power Output

25-30 Litre Drum Heater Jacket

400mm x 1020mm


50-60 Litre Drum Heater Jacket

460mm x 1250mm


105-120 Litre Drum Heater Jacket

370mm x 1650mm


200-220 Litre Drum Heater Jacket

450mm x 1950mm


200-220 Litre Drum Heater Jacket

800mm x 1950mm




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