Flexible IBC Tank Connection Kit


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Colour Green, Red & Grey
Coupling Type Push Fit Couplings
Hose Size 1/2"
Warranty 1 Year


  • Connects two IBCs, letting you draw from both without having to constantly change fittings
  • Quick to assemble with simple push-fit couplings, saving time and effort
  • Makes filling troughs, watering flower beds and cleaning equipment much easier than decanting your IBC
  • Convenient multi-function hose gun provides a range of spray settings – no need to swap heads
  • Great for use all year round with UV resistance and low & high temperature tolerance

Looking for a way to connect IBC tanks together? This IBC connection kit is the answer. This simple but innovative kit is guaranteed to save you time and effort when it comes to connecting and emptying two IBCs.

This kit connects each IBC by their valves, which has the added benefit of being able to close off either IBC when needed. Letting you alternate which you draw from or what you're dispensing by simply closing off either of the valves on your IBC.

The adjustable hose gun has eight different spray settings (see more details below) which makes it ideal for almost any application, a perfect addition to any building site, car wash, allotment and more. But if you have other ideas in mind, the shower head is easily replaced thanks to the incredible range of push-fit or hozelock adaptors available.

Great for use outdoors, the premium hose used in this kit both UV resistant and durable. Capable of being used all year round from temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C.

Hose gun spray settings

Full – A wide aperture making a solid stream
Flat – A horizontal jet
Vertical – A vertical jet
Mist – A small aperture which breaks up the jet into a fine mist
Stream – A deflector which breaks up the stream, making a combination of a thick and thin jets
Cone – A deflector which projects water into a cone shape
Center – A cluster of small apertures, making a narrow shower effect
Shower – A ring of small apertures, making a shower effect

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