Additional Tank Outlets

If you need your tank's standard outlet to be repositioned or need additional inlets or outlets, these additional outlet options are the perfect solution.

Our QJ KwiQ fit outlets are great for retrofitting additional inlets/outlets onto your tank. Easily affixed without needing access to the inside of the tank, all you need to install these outlets is a drill and our optional fitting kits.

Spin welded outlets allows us to modify an “off the shelf” tank with extra inlets and/or outlets without needing to create an entirely bespoke tank, giving you an entirely custom tank without having to wait weeks and weeks.

Ordering a tank with spin welded outlets is a simple process. Simply contact us via email and let us know what particular tank and fusion welds you are interested in. Our team will be back in contact with a diagram of your tank and a full quotation. From there, all you need to do is mark on the diagram where each extra outlet or inlet should be placed, with measurements from the two closest edges – then send it back to us and make payment.

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