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Designed to keep unwanted debris such as leaves and twigs out of your water tank or water butt.

The garden filter is supplied with an integrated dirt collecting basket. The basket is easily removable and features a removable handle. The mesh used has a width of 1mm.

Can be installed in a rainwater tank or turret, or before a tank is placed in the ground using the Telescopic extension set with lid.

This filter is suitable for use with garden watering systems and for sites in which the rain water has to be infiltrated. This filter is also ideal where no connection with a sewer is possible, or where water is infiltrated.

All inlets and outlets are 110mm and one inlet can also be used as an emergency overflow. The bottom outlet is where the rainwater flows into the water tank.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 200 m².

How it works:

1. Rainwater flows into the filter basket which separates the water from debris.

2. The dirt is then retained in the filter basket. The basket may require cleaning.

3. Cleaned water then flows through the bottom outlet into the water tank below.

4. Use of a calmed outlet is possible.


A locking lid is available to fit the garden filter.
Telescopic extension

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