IBC S60X6 Female to Male Threaded Valve

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  • Easy to install, simply thread onto your IBC valve, remove the pin and operate
  • Solid cap ensures nothing can leak when valve is closed 
  • Easy to use handle for releasing liquids
  • A quick, easy and affordable solution to bring your IBC back to life

Damage to your IBC valve may have happened at some point over its lifetime, the original outlet could have siezed up, or maybe you want that extra insurance the liquid won’t leak out of your IBC? If so our IBC threaded valve is the ideal solution to both of these situations.

The threaded valve is quick and easy to attach to your IBCs existing valve which is ideal in an emergency or unexpected situation. Simply thread this fitting onto your damaged or faulty S60X6 valve and bypass your damaged or unreliable valve.

Supplied with a cap that ensures no liquid can leak out without the valve being released.

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