IBC Tap - S60x6 (2 Inch) x 3/4" Hose Tail


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Hose Tail Size 3/4 Inch


  • Easily connect a hose to your IBC outlet
  • Makes decanting easy, compared to a large IBC outlet
  • 3/4" tap and plastic hose tail can be simply unscrewed and swapped
  • Elbow tap keeps water flowing consistently

The IBC tap effortlessly threads onto a 2" (S60X6) IBC valve, and provides a stable platform for a 3/4" hose to connect to - all you will need is a jubilee clip.

Large 2 inch outlets on IBC tanks can make it quite difficult to fill up jerry cans or watering cans. This tap reduces the flow rate, making it much more controllable. This is great if using an IBC for rainwater harvesting in your garden or allotment. 

The plastic hose tail, tap and IBC adapter each come with 3/4" BSP threads. This allows each part of the fitting to be easily interchanged or even adapted further. The advantage of BSP is that it is the standard connection type for most plumbing parts in the UK, meaning that BSP fittings are widely and readily available.

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