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50,000 Litre Tank Installation - Case Study

50,000 Litre Tank Installation - Case Study

As one of the leading suppliers of water tanks in the UK, we also offer a full supply and installation service for our range of Galvanised Steel tanks. Our sales team can provide free and impartial advice and our professional installation team can install tanks nationwide.

In February 2014, we completed a full supply and installation service for a 50,000 litre coated galvanised steel tank. The tank was installed in the grounds of an exclusive hotel in Dunblane, Scotland.

The purpose of the tank was to provide an emergency supply of water, in a location where there wasn’t a mains water supply powerful enough to provide sufficient levels of water in the event of a fire. This is a legal requirement, specified by the Fire and Rescue Service, for building projects in certain locations, taking into account the size of the building and the number of people in the area.

As part of the project, the customer requested a special fire valve which enables any attending fire engines to connect to the tank to access the water. The customer also requested the tank to be coated for extra protection and in a colour which helped it blend into its surroundings.

The tank was installed in a discrete area within trees of the hotel grounds. Before the installation took place, a concrete pad, 150mm-200mm thick and sufficiently larger in diameter than the tank, was constructed in advance.

The whole project was completed in four weeks from the time the order was placed and to the final sign off from the customer.

Tank Installation Service

If you have a similar project that you require an installation service for, please feel free to contact our sales team. They can provide guidance and technical advice on the supply and installation of our range of industrial water tanks.

Call us on 01777 237 933 or email sales@directwatertanks.co.uk.

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19 September 2019
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