GRP Tanks - FAQ

GRP Tanks - FAQ

What does G.R.P stand for?

Glass Reinforced Plastic.

What is the difference between a GRP manufactured tank and an MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) Tank?

GRP Water Tanks are in most cases manufactured by hand around a wooden mould. If the mould is bespoke, then it must be made from scratch each time a different sized tank needs to be manufactured. Most manufacturers do however have a standard set of sizes (moulds).

A key benefit of a GRP tank is that it can have additional chemicals added within the manufacturing process to give it greater resistance to other chemicals which are to be stored within the tank

In comparison, an MDPE tank is predominantly rotationally moulded. The mould is manufactured from steel or aluminium (dependent on the intricacy required) and is designed and made for higher production runs of the same sized tank.

Why are they more expensive than other tanks?

As above, the manufacturing process is predominantly by hand and is much slower, therefore, increasing the cost.

There are many sizes that you list, what if I need a different shape?

The GRP process allows us to make a tank completely bespoke to the customer’s needs. Just be aware that this could increase the overall cost of the product.

Are they suitable for storing drinking water?

If the GRP tanks are to be used for holding drinking water then we need to be made aware at the start of the process, so that we can have the tank manufactured to adhere to this requirement. If the tank is to hold a specific chemical, then it would be made to a different specification to suit the liquid held within.

I need multiple outlets. Is this possible?

You can have outlets/inlets in any location depending on your needs. We can advise appropriately so that your tank has a resourceful flow through meaning the liquid effectively moves in and out of the system to prevent any stagnation or contamination in the water tank.

What temperature can the liquid be within the tank?

We can manufacture a GRP tank to be able to withstand greater temperatures than MDPE tanks, but the higher the temperature, the more expensive the materials needed to achieve this.

It would be beneficial to advise us of your intended use and what your expectations are of the working temperature of your tank so that we can advise further. If you are purchasing a standard tank the maximum working temperature would be 50°C, but we are able to raise this to around 80 °C by manufacturing the tank using different materials.

I want a large underground tank made from GRP. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible, but often not a cost-effective way of having an underground tank. Ultimately, it would depend on your requirements.

Alternatively, view our range of Underground Tanks online

I need a frame under my tank. Are you able to manufacture this?

Yes, you can have a steel frame under your tank, and this is a service we offer. It would be fully bespoke, but we would be happy to add this to any tailored quote we do for GRP tanks.

Can you offer a technical drawing for the tank before it’s manufactured?

As part of the quoting procedure we would usually take all your requirements and quote on them. Once a deposit or payment has been taken, we would then draw up your tank which would need to be signed off before we would start the manufacturing process. The quoted manufacturing lead time would then commence as soon as the drawings have been signed off.

I am putting chemicals within my tank. How will I know if it is suitable?

It is advantageous to us if you can complete an MSDS sheet(s) highlighting the chemicals and strengths you are going to put in your tank. We can then build the quotation to suit the chemicals.

Can you install my GRP tank?

Yes, we can offer this service. However, if you are having pumps and other ancillaries installed then the company installing these would be able to connect these directly to your tank.

How strong are the open top GRP tanks? Will they bow out when full of water?

The open top GRP tanks are extremely strong and retain their shape, whereas all MDPE plastic tanks which are not circular will bow out in some degree depending on their design and the thickness of the polymer.

To discuss your options or any special requirements in relation to our range of GRP Water Tanks, please feel free to contact our sales team on 01777 237933.

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