Rain Collector with Tap Universal Kit


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A simple, effective rainwater diverter for filling water tanks.

The diverter features a coarse filter which seperates clean rainwater from the debris coming off your roof. It is suitable for collecting rainwater from smaller roof areas of up to 50m².

The diverter will fit all common downpipes from 68mm to 100mm diameter, and 65 x 65mm square pipes.

Fitted with a tap so that the water supply can be regulated and even completely turned off in winter.

Available in brown or grey.

Weight: 0.3 kg

How it works:

1. Rainwater flows into the rain collector.

2. Debris is stopped by the coarse filter.

3. Clean water flows out of the 32mm side outlet.

4. Waste water and debris continues its flow down the downpipe.

5. Turn the tap 90 degrees to the off position.

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