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A rainwater filter for installation in the lower part of your down pipe.

The Rainus is ideal as it has an installation position on the lower section of the down pipe, meaning you have no heavy tank lids to lift, nor do you need to climb in to the tank to perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning the filters.

The Rainus filters dirt and then ejects it out of the system, which allows the clean water to continue its flow through the down pipe.

Suitable for installation on 65mm square or 68-100mm round down pipes.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 90m².

How it works:

1. The rainwater flows sown your down pipe and the flow is slowed down by baffles in the upper filter housing.

2. Rainwater is then calmed in a small sump.

3. Water then steadily flows over the sump lip and is evenly distributed across the primary cascade. This is the first cleaning step.

4. The primary cascade filters out any large or coarse particles such as leaves and moss.

5. Behind the primary cascade is a fine secondary filter. This is the second cleaning step.

6. Both fine and coarse particles are ejected from the front of the filter.

7. Clean rainwater flows through the down pipe to a storage tank.

The 3P Rainus is ideal for retro-fitting to existing installations where no other filter can be installed due to restricted space.

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