Rainwater Filter Collector with Universal Link Kit


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  • Ideal solution to linking rain collector to water butt or tank
  • Filters debris before it enters water butt or tank 
  • Plastic used in manufacturing is tough and durable 
  • UV resistance allows it to sit in sun without damaging material 

The 3P filter collects water from your downpipe and filters any debris before transferring the water to your water butt or tank via the universal link kit. The filter is manufactured from tough and durable plastic, which is UV resistant and corrosion resistant to ensure a long working life.

The filter prevents sludge and leaves from entering your water butt, thus resulting in fewer algae, fewer pipe blockages and enabling water to be pumped safely. The filter has two positions, open or closed, and this will stop your water butt from overflowing.

The filter collector leads clean water to the storage tank and has an 85-95% efficiency rate under normal rainfall. The dirty water and debris then continue down the downpipe. The filter acts as the overflow outlet when the tank is full.

The filter will fit all UK round downpipes from 68-110mm and square pipes from 65-75mm. The filter can be easily removed for cleaning, with no need to remove the filter from your downpipe. Simply pull the cartridge out to the side.

How it works:

1. Rainwater is channelled from the filter entrance down into the sieve cartridge, where any debris and dirt is rinsed to the side of the cartridge and continues down the downpipe and into the sewer.

2. The filtered, clean rainwater follows a different path, through the filter outlet channel and into your water butt or tank.

3. To stop the water butt from overflowing, simply twist the filter cartridge 180º to the closed position.

1. Reducer will fit round pipes (68-110mm) or square pipes (65-75mm)
2. Connectors for down pipe
3. Outlet connection
4. Adaptor for outlet connection
5. Guiding plates
6. Stainless steel filter mesh
7. Settings for open/closed condition

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