Volume VF1 Filter Combi

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A rainwater filter designed for installation inside or on a water tank.

The VF1 Combi has the cleaned water outlet at the bottom of the filter which makes installing it inside the tank very easy and much more practical. The dirt is washed away sideways.

Height difference between inlet and outlet is 300mm.

Suitable for connection to roof areas up to 450m².

Weight: 6.2 kg

How it works:

1. Water enters the calming sump and weirs over evenly onto the filter cascade below.

2. The debris is seperated from the water and is washed out.

3. The filtered water then flows over the secondary filter sieve and any dirt washes directly into the sewer. This means the filter is self cleaning with minimum maintenance required. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned 1-2 times per year.

4.  The cleaned water flows through the outlet at the bottom and then into the tank below.

5. Dirt is washed into the sewer.

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