Easy Access IBC Funnel With 150mm Drain


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Length - mm 1240
Width - mm 1030
Height - mm 168
Weight - kg 10
Capacity - Litres 50
Colour Black
Construction Material Polyethylene
Warranty 1 Year


  • Safely and quickly empty jerry cans, drums and buckets into IBC tanks from all sides
  • 50 Litre capacity is more than enough for most jerry cans, meaning no accidental overfilling
  • Lightweight and easy to fit onto 1000 litre IBC tanks
  • Can be easily removed and put into storage due to slim design
  • Customisable, with lid and locking options
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean after use
  • Polyethylene plastic is broadly chemical and oil resistant

Quickly empty jerry cans and other containers into IBC tanks with our full size, easy access funnel. It differs from other funnels as you don't need to reach over the top of the IBC or move around the tank to access the funnel. This speeds things up and saves energy for you or your staff.

The large 50 litre capacity means that you can fully empty most jerry cans and buckets without worrying about overfilling, reducing the risk of oil or chemical spills.

The funnel sits freely on top of a standard 1000 Litre IBC, and features a 150mm drain in the centre.

Optional Extras for IBC Funnel

  • Mounting Kit - secures the funnel to an IBC with metal hooks around the steel cage
  • Lid - a full plastic cover, includes a hole for a padlock (not included)
  • Lid Locking Kit - a highly secure way to lock the lid tightly, includes a padlock. Please note this should be ordered with the lid and mounting kit
  • Galvanised Steel Support - a flat metal panel inserted into the funnel, ideal for placing leaking jerry cans or drums on top, working like a spill pallet

Please note, this listing is for the funnel only and does not include an IBC tank.

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