Funnel with Flexible Spout and Filter

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Weight - kg 0.12
Construction Material Polyethylene


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Flexible spout can fit into small spaces
  • Spout can be unscrewed when not used, takes less space
  • Internal mesh filter makes sure oil etc remains clear
  • Can be used for jerry cans, cars, tanks

Stopping any spillage of oil, water, etc, this funnel can be used when filling vehicles, tanks, and much more. The lightweight design means it is easy to carry, it has a flexible spout that can be moved to fit into certain areas. The spout itself can be unscrewed which can help with storage when not in use. The funnel is fitted with a mesh filter, this can be used to make sure the liquid is clean and no added dirt is going into the end location. A simple and effective design that is ideal for everyday use. 

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