IBC Tipper Unit - Galvanised


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More Information
Length - mm 1010
Width - mm 1210
Height - mm 200
Weight - kg 42


  • Save money by retaining all the liquid in your IBC - no more lost product
  • Empty IBCs quicker. Increasing the angle helps maximise pressure around the outlet
  • Make your old IBCs easier to sell or exchange by being able to offer them, fully emptied
  • Increase safety by removing dangerous fluids fully
  • Resistant to rust thanks to galvanised steel construction

Our IBC tipper maximises the dispensing capability of your IBC while avoiding waste and environmental and safety hazards.

The IBC Tipper works by tilting the IBC as its contents empty. This increases the pressure at the tap and allows the liquid to flow quicker. It also makes it possible to empty your IBC fully which can save money in the long run.

Roughly 5 litres of fluid remain at the bottom of an IBCs bottle when emptied conventionally. Depending on the value of the liquid, this could pay for the tipper within a matter of weeks, days, or even its first use.

When it comes to choosing how many degrees you may need for your tipper, the higher the angle, the greater the pressure. However, we usually recommend 5 degrees as standard and 8-10 degrees for more viscous liquids. If you are unsure, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist.

Please Note: At 8 degrees or above it can be difficult to load and unload the tipper from the side.

Our IBC tippers are highly customisable to suit many different needs and requirements. You can find more details on each of the customisable options below.

IBC Tipper Options

600 Litre Adapter 

When using a 600 litre IBC, this adapter will convert any standard size tipper to help accommodate. 


The IBC Tipper is available with an optional stand. This is intended to hold the IBC and Tipper 40cm above the ground so a dispensing pump can be mounted below. 


Another additional option is for heavy duty castors to be attached to the bottom of the Tipper unit, allowing it to be used as a trolley on which the IBC can be moved around freely.

Drum Attachment

The IBC Tipper can be modified to take a drum, for which it works just as effectively. The unit will still accept an IBC, meaning it can be used as a dual-purpose tipping unit.

IBC Tipper Skirt

A protective skirt can be fitted to safeguard the metal of the tipper from being scratched when placing an IBC on the tipper. The tipper skirt also covers the springs of the unit, in order to protect them against the outdoor elements.

150mm Legs with Fork Supports

A set of short legs can be provided that allow fork lift forks to slide under with ease. This enables the IBC to be moved around with the tipper attached - chains clip around the fork to secure the IBC during movement.

Please Note: The unit and any optional extras will be provided in durable galvanised steel.

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