What Type of Pump Do I Need?

What Type of Pump Do I Need?

A pump is a mechanical device that is used to effectively transport liquids, solids or a combination of the two - commonly known as slurries. Our range includes Submersible Pumps, Water Booster Pumps and Borehole Pumps from a range of leading brands.

They are practical for a wide variety of uses which we have covered in-depth below so that you can be sure to select the pump best suited to your application.

Submersible Pumps

Designed to be located underwater.

A submersible pump is designed so that it can be completely submerged within the liquid which is to be pumped. It pushes water to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy into pressure energy.

The pump is kept cool by the fluid it's immersed in, whilst a controlled float switch controls the operation. The float switch allows the pump to pump down to a predetermined level and then switches off the pump until it is required to function again.

Compatible with: Dirty water, drainage water, storm water.

Applications: Pumping water in or out of an IBC, pumping excess water from flooded basements in construction sites, milk or liquid feed to an animal feeding trough.

Industries: Agricultural, farming, food processing, mining.

A compact and quiet design, the GP1002 is our most popular submersible pump.

Surface Mounted Pumps

Designed to pump water from surface sources - swimming pools, ponds, tanks, etc.

Surface Mounted Pumps are situated adjacent to the tank that contains the liquid to be pumped. They have the advantage of their motors not being submersed in the fluid being pumped and are fitted with an inlet and outlet to ensure the device is safely away from the liquid without getting wet or damaged.

These pumps normally lift the liquid being pumped using suction lift but can also utilise gravity feed to extricate the liquid. With regular servicing, the life expectancy of a surface mounted pump would exceed that of a submersible pump.

Compatible with: Clean or dirty water, oils, chemicals.

Applications: Domestic pressure boosting systems, tank emptying, pool emptying, irrigation systems and all general clean water applications.

Industries: Agricultural, civil, domestic, industrial.

View our Pentair Jet 45/42 230v Self Priming Stainless Steel Surface Pump. This stainless-steel jet pump is self-priming and used mainly in booster systems, washing systems and garden systems.


Borehole & Well Pumps

Used to extract clear water from deep wells or purpose made boreholes in the ground.

Borehole and Well Pumps are typically constructed from corrosion resistant materials as they come into direct contact with minerals in the soil. These high-pressure devices are practical for deep water pumping and consist of two main components: a foot part that houses the pumping mechanism and makes contact with the fluid to be pumped; and the head part, which serves as the weight-bearing portion and the outlet for the fluid.

Compatible with: Clean Water.

Applications: Domestic water supplies, irrigation, pressure boosting, lowering of the ground water level.

Industries: Construction, domestic, farming, industrial, mining.

The Dominator is a 4” diameter submersible multistage pump from Pentair. It can be used in the vertical position or on its side in wells or rivers to boost water or run pressurised supplies.


Water Booster Pumps

Used to further boost the pressure in a system.

Booster Pumps are clean water pumps used to boost water pressure if either the initial water pressure is too low, or you need to increase the pressure to each additional floors in a building. Invariably, they are almost always a multi-stage pump (has more than one impeller).

Compatible with: Clean water.

Applications: Potable water distribution, irrigation booster, cooling water booster.

Industries: Commercial, domestic, industrial.

Purposed as an add-on booster pump, the GP1394 is our most popular Water Booster Pump. It is ideal for use alongside a submersible pump to improve the flow rate. 


Engine Driven Pumps

Used when there is no source of electricity available to power the pump's motor.

Engine driven pumps are self priming, centrifugal pumps with a petrol or diesel engine attached to allow the pump to work without the requirement of a mains power. They are perfect for use in remote areas or where an electric power source is not available.

They come in trash or semi trash categories. Semi Trash Pumps get their name from the fact they can pass small debris, whereas Trash Pumps are built to handle thicker water and large debris and solids such as leaves, pebbles, and twigs.

Compatible with: Flood/dirty/grey water and water containing solids.

Applications: Flood situations when the power has been lost, remote locations, irrigation of crops, watering for livestock, building sites where power is difficult to provide.

Industries: Agricultural, construction sites, marine, mobile utility fleets.

The Koshin SEH50X pump is powered by a reliable Honda GX120 4hp engine and is suitable for clean and black water, semi trash or full trash duty.


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3 March 2020