A short guide to IBC fittings & adaptors

A short guide to IBC fittings & adaptors
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We supply a wide range of IBC fittings and accessories, all with different properties and uses. To ensure you can buy with confidence from Direct Water Tanks, we have provided the following short guide to IBC fittings and adaptors.

Lids & Caps

Our range of IBCs are available with a choice of standard, overpressure and breather vented lids.

The standard IBC lid size is 150mm (6 inch), however they are also available with larger 220mm (9 inch) lids which allow improved access to the inside of the tank for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

The overpressure lid will allow pressure inside the tank to escape the tank, preventing the tank from collapsing in on itself, while the vented lid will allow air inside the tank, allowing it to breathe and prevent the contents from stagnating.

Pipe Elbows

A pipe elbow is a fitting which is bent in such a way to change the direction of the flow in the pipe. It is also used to change the overall direction of the piping, such as when installing it around a corner.


A vented tank will allow the tank to breathe as the water level rises and falls and helps to keep the contents fresh. It will also help to release any pressure inside the tank and allow the contents to be emptied without glugging.


IBC adapters screw on to the IBC valve and convert a standard IBC outlet to a number of commonly used fittings including BSP, Hozelock and camlock fittings.

The Hozelock and hose tail fittings allow you to quickly attach your hose, making them ideal if you intend to use the water inside your IBC to water your plants.

The BSP fittings are ideal for industrial and agricultural applications as they allow a wide range of BSP fittings to be connected to your IBC valve.

Swivel Buttresses

The swivel buttresses attach to the IBC valve and are designed to be used with hose fittings. A swivel buttress can be fitted and used without kinking or twisting the hose, making it ideal for domestic tasks such as watering the garden and washing the car.

Hose Tails

A hose tail fitting will screw on to the IBC valve and allow you to directly connect your hose. The hose tail fittings are available in a wide range of sizes from ½ inch up to 2 inch.

A tip for choosing the correct size hose barb is to not measure the outer diameter (OD) of your hose, instead always measure the inner diameter (ID). For example, if your hose has an internal diameter of 25mm (1”), you need a 25mm (1”) hose tail.

5 June 2019
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