Choosing the right IBC - New, Reconditioned or Rebottled?

Choosing the right IBC - New, Reconditioned or Rebottled?
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Choosing the right IBC - New, Reconditioned or Rebottled?

An intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a reusable industrial container, which is designed for the safe transportation and storage of bulk liquids. IBC’s are a cost-effective solution as they can be significantly cheaper than similarly sized standard water storage tanks, as long as you purchase the correct type of IBC for your intended use.

We supply three models of our IBC tanks, all with different properties, uses and price points. To ensure you can buy with confidence from Direct Water Tanks, we have provided the following guide for choosing a New, Reconditioned or Rebottled IBC.

New IBCs

Constructed from virgin materials and are suitable for drinking water.

Every aspect of these containers are brand-new from our manufacturers and are manufactured using virgin materials, cages and components. They are manufactured using food grade polymer and are BPA free making them suitable for storing liquids for human and animal consumption including drinking water, milk, alcohol, and oils, alongside a vast variety of other pharmaceutical and food industry uses.

They are supplied with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottle and fully galvanised outer cage.

Each IBC comes with a tamper evident seal on the outlet valve cap and a foil seal on the outlet itself to indicate that the bottle inside shall be unused and suitable for storing drinking water.

Our range of new IBCs also contain ‘UN Approved’ containers, which are certified for storing hazardous goods and have passed a range of legal regulations.

Common uses: Drinking water, storing grain, beer and cider making, pharmaceutical ingredient storage, holding perfume and cosmetics ingredients.

Reconditioned IBCs

A budget friendly option to the new or rebottled containers.

Reconditioned IBCs are containers which have been previously used and then professionally laundered ready for re-purposing

The reconditioning process involves cleaning the IBC in its entirety. This involves professionally cleaning the interior and exterior of both the inner bottle and steel frame. This is then followed by a leak inspection and a visual inspection.

Although the reconditioned IBC’s have been cleaned to a high standard, we cannot guarantee what products were previously held in the containers and would not recommend reconditioned IBCs for drinking water, for humans or animals. However, we do not sell any IBCs which have previously contained any hazardous materials.

Common uses: Rainwater harvesting, storing waste materials such as cooking and motor oils, storing water for watering flowers and plants.

Rebottled IBCs

Featuring a brand-new inner bottle, with the cost offset by a refurbished cage.

These containers are part new and part re-used. Rebottled IBC containers comprise of a good quality used cage, whilst the inner bottle is replaced with new virgin bottle and outlet valve, which is manufactured to the same standards as our new IBCs.

This means that rebottled IBC containers are safe for the storage of food and drink and can be safely recommended for storing drinking water for animals. Please note that the refurbished cage is not suitable for use in sterile or food-safe environments.

Common uses: Drinking water for animals, storing grain and other animal feeds

Frequently Asked Questions:

I need an IBC for human drinking water, what can I use?

We would recommend New IBCs for drinking water, as they are brand-new and manufactured from virgin materials.

Are reconditioned IBCs suitable for use as fish holding tanks?

We would not recommend reconditioned IBCs for this use, and would instead suggest a New IBC or one of our specially designed Fish Holding Tanks.

Can I use a reconditioned IBC for watering vegetables and flowers?

Reconditioned IBCs can be used for watering flowers and plants alongside a variety of other household and garden uses, however are not suitable for watering vegetables intended for consumption. We would instead be able to recommend a New IBC for this purpose.

What was in the reconditioned IBCs previously?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee what was in our reconditioned IBCs previously as they are re-purposed from different industrial sectors. We do not however sell any IBCs which have previously contained any hazardous materials.

How can I use a reconditioned IBC for rain water harvesting?

There are a few ways that an IBC can be used for rain water harvesting, however the simplest way would be to install a rainwater filter and diverter onto a downpipe and pipe the diverter into the side of the bottle.

The collected water can then be used for washing cars, flushing toilets and other uses that do not involve consumption.

Do you collect used IBCs for reconditioning?

We do offer a nationwide collection service for bulk quantities of IBCs. Please contact us for further details.

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