IBC pallets - What's the difference?

IBC pallets - What's the difference?

Our range of New, Reconditioned and Rebottled IBCs are available with a choice of different pallets, each with different levels of quality, strength and suitable uses. To ensure you can buy with confidence from Direct Water Tanks, we have provided the following guide for choosing the most suitable pallet for your IBC.

Wooden pallet

An economical option for use in dry surroundings

Wooden pallets are the most budget-friendly option that we supply and are ideal for short-term usage in dry surroundings. They are sustainable, strong and suitable for most general-usage applications.

Wooden pallets can be used in outdoor conditions, however they will not last as long or be as durable as plastic or metal pallets as they are susceptible to rain or other sources of water.

Example use: IBCs storing pellets or animal feed inside a dry warehouse.

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Steel pallet

Our strongest and most durable pallets

Steel pallets are incredibly strong and durable and are suitable for use in outdoor conditions. Unlike wooden pallets, our steel pallets can withstand natural elements, including rain and UV rays, without rotting.

Steel pallets can also function over the widest range of temperatures compared to wooden and plastic pallets. They are suitable for being moved around often due to their great strength, however weigh more than wooden and plastic pallets.

Example use: IBCs storing cooking oil that require being moved and transported often.

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Plastic pallet

Hygienic, easy to clean and can be recycled after use

Easily cleaned and capable of being sterilised, plastic pallets are a great alternative to their wooden counterparts because of their longer lifespan and lighter weight.

Plastic pallets are also not susceptible to insects, mould or fungus when being used in outdoor or damp areas and do not rust or rot when exposed to rain or other water sources.

Example use: IBCs storing drinking water being kept in a clean environment

Our best-selling IBC with a plastic pallet

Combi pallet

A combination of metal and plastic pallets with the advantages of both

With a high level of strength, combi pallets are easy to keep clean and are suitable for use with IBCs being kept outdoors as they will not rot or splinter.

A combi pallet combines the advantages of a stable, galvanised sheet steel surface and frame, with the high resilience of full plastic feet. This provides a low weight pallet but with a high load-bearing capacity. They are lighter than steel only pallets, yet more durable than plastic only pallets

Example use: IBCs being kept outdoors all year-round

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5 June 2019
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