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IBC Guides

Our IBCs are a cost-effective solution for the safe storage and transportation of liquids, fluids and chemicals. These guides provide answers to common questions about our IBCs, fittings and adaptors.

IBC uses & applications - What can an IBC be used for?

A look into the wide variety of bulk storage and transportation uses for liquids, granules and powders that IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) provide.

Choosing the right IBC - New, Reconditioned or Rebottled?

Exploring the defining properties, features and common uses of New, Reconditioned and Rebottled IBCs, and the recommended IBC type for different industries.

A short guide to IBC fittings & adaptors

A guide to the uses and properties of the wide range of IBC fittings and accessories available to buy online from Direct Water Tanks, including Lids, Vents and Adaptors.

IBC pallets - What's the difference?

Helpful information on the differences between Wooden, Steel, Plastic and Combination IBC pallets, and how to make the right choice for your intended use and industry.

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