Televar TLM3/R Pneumatic Tank Level Gauge


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The Televar Hydrostatic contents gauge features a hand pump mechanism and does not require any power which makes it ideal for hazardous environments. The gauge show the tanks contents as a percentage of the total capacity of the tank and is suitable for tanks from 0.9m up to 3m in height.

The gauge is supplied with 50 metres of black polyethylene connection tube, a GRP weighted nylon balance chamber with 3 metres of NBR suspension tube. It's fastened to the wall via the 3 external mounting slots with screws and wall plugs (not supplied).

There are two versions of this gauge, to fit different styles of tanks:

  1. Straight sided tanks where the surface area of the fluid is the same regardless of fill level.
  2. Horizontal tanks with curved sides, such as sump tanks and water bowsers, where the surface area is different depending on the fill level.


Dimensions 170 x 160 x 65mm
Casing High impact plastic with wall mounting slots
Cover Transparent high impact plastic with opening tab
Connections With 0-ring and nut suitable for any tube OD 6mm
Diaphragm Brass sheet with pneumatic linear expansion
Transmission Mechanism Type with precision clock mechanism
Internal Connections Silicone tubing
Pressure Protection Air metering capillary with mechanical stop
Dial Graduated in % of cylindrical tank volume
Accuracy ±2%
Maximum Measuring Distance 50 Metres

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